The "Auersbergkönig" is a mountain-biking route (primarily) for bikers who are able to handle a distance of 10.7 km and a 530 m change in elevation. The corresponding marked route leads mostly on forest roads from the Blauenthal Waterfall up to the Auersberg peak (1,019 m above sea level). Scoring the time is carried out by means of a precise time stamp which the users activate themselves at the start as well as when they reach the finish. The required stamp cards to be filled out in advance are available in the "Starthaus". The results can later be evaluated and retrieved under various categories on the website www.auersbergkö

Runners, Nordic walkers, cross-skaters, hand- and e-bikers can also use the trail (with special scoring) in addition to cyclists. Unfortunately, this route is unsuitable for racing bikes, since the paths are for the most part unpaved.

The route is open to the public from May to October and is free of charge. However, donations for the operation and maintenance of the trail are gladly accepted by the association "Freude am Radfahren" (The joy of cycling).